What is involved?

Driver CPC Training – what does it involve?

The driver CPC training is typically completed in a classroom as it covers mostly theory. However future courses will have an element of practical training including daily checks, and eco driving.

The Training Involves 3 core areas.

  • Advanced training in rational driving based on safety regulations
  • Application of Regulations
  • Health, road and environmental safety, services and logistics.

This training can be split into 7 hours sessions and completed anytime before September 10, 2014. (1 x 7 hours training, each year over 5 years = 35 hours training)

The training does not involve an exam or test it only requires your attendance and attention. We will be holding regular 7 hour Training sessions in Newbury, West Berks, Oxon and Hampshire covering basic driver essentials. These can be booked by individuals or groups.

The course will cover,

  • Introduction to Drivers CPC
  • EU Drivers Hours Regulations
  • Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations
  • EU Tachograph Regulations
  • Penalties for infringements
  • Daily Walk Round Checks & Defect Reporting

We can also organise bespoke courses to suit your particular work and industry and these course will be authorised by JAUPT so they can be accredited against your 35 hours periodic training.

As an independent training centre we have the advantage of flexibility to suit the client with facilitating this necessary training, whilst minimising downtime.

Please call 01635 254693 or Email us to discuss your future training needs.